"I'm glad that younger generations are more free. That's what we were fighting for."
"Fight like hell and love each other harder."
"I totally support the politics of coming out, but at the same time, I'm critical of the assumption that one's identity has to be the major driving…
"When one understands that everything is poetry, that everything is metaphor, then sometimes it's all of a sudden, sometimes it's slowly, the meaning of…
"Your mannerisms have to be on mute...you have to basically be straight-acting. And you have to be white, essentially. That's the problem with this…
"My mother knew the hard times that were out there for me, but she told me, 'If you have any problem, you can come to me.' And I did."
"While cisgender women tend to be sexualized, transgender women tend to be fetishized."
The singer says she's working on music that's "less heady and less about fighting against opposition."
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